Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HiruMamo Doujinshi

Whoa!!! The Valentine fever is still in the air

Note: For all the HiruMamo fans, this is extremely for us!!!! Anyways, for those who haven't watched or read the manga of Eyeshield 21, I will give you a really quick synopsis. The Eyeshield 21 was created by Riichiro Inagaki and Yusuke Murata about high school American Football. Of course, at first the team are weak but then again they gain the respect from their opponents. Hiruma Yoichi is the team captain with a habit of... umm well a /sweat habit of cursing and resembles to a demon. On the other hand, Anezaki Mamori is the manager, with angelic traits and face. Since the manga is more about friendship and sports, Hiruma and Mamori's fans are creating fictions to tell to everybody that the two of them share something special *oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh*

It so happen that I surf in the net and got stumble on this forum and my heart jump with joy seeing that the one of the hundreds of doujinshi is translated. So what is doujinshi means, its a kind of self-published Japanese arts that probably resulted from a hobby. Actually there are a lot of doujinshis (like Tsubasa) that became popular. So here are the chaplets of the HiruMamo doujinshi entitled: "What Goes On"

Oh Boy!!! So that's it... In order to kiss a girl he needs to set up some ridiculous tricks.
Take note "you super insensitive stupid idiot" /hmm Hiruma is referring Mamori as a dense woman - the one who can look to the into his very weakness and yet can't understand the obvious... hehehehe
Kudos to the creator of this doujinshi and the translator. If you came to know these people please pass my deepest gratitude... I'm sorry if the images appeared blurred or something, but I already gave the link so you can transfer there if you want.../bye
till next time!!!


  1. Omg thank you, it.s.really.cute. *__*

  2. Oh, i love this, im so tired to search doujinshi about Hiruma X Mamori.

  3. Kawihiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~ That was very cute and so like hiruma!!!

  4. Oh dear oh dear akjahsjdhgajs so adorable I can't contain my feeling anymoreeeeeee



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